Thunderstorms and Knitting Patterns

Since its Wednesday I don’t have to work. Usually I would go to the tiny apartment in Brooklyn and cook with Florrie, but Florrie has moved in to her new home upstate. We’ll still be visiting and cooking together, but sadly, not every week. I’ll be taking the Metro North up there in about a week, so we’ll have all kinds of goodies to blog about. She’ll also have internet soon and you will start to see some blog action from her end. Its not that she doesn’t love you, its just that with the move she hasn’t had access to the interweb.

Its been pretty humid all day, and I just had a cloud burst over Casa Astoria.

rain2rainHere’s Mr. Tomato plant, I had to close the window!  And the view down my street. You can barely see Broadway! We had a few rumbles of thunder, too, but nothing right over head. I love it when its right over head.

scarflettemay1 After going for a walk and getting some iced coffee, I spent the morning knitting and writing the May scarflette. There are some problems with this version, but I think the next one will be perfect. I even started typing it all out. Get me! I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn, it got a bit tight at the end, but I made it. I even had enough to stitch on the button. Its kind of sad that this guy will get ripped apart, but its all in the name of The garter stitch button panel that I added to this version made the whole thing a little

scarflettemay4 scarflettemay2bit too big, so that’s gotta go. The increase is now good. Oooh I just heard more thunder. Must be another little storm coming through.  Sounds close too!