52 Project: 9/52

20140303-105946.jpgIt’s finally March… although looking at the picture above you might not know it.  In spite of the little bit of snow over night there are signs of spring. I’ve seen a few little spiky green crocus and daffodil shoots poking out of the dark soil in the gardens along my street.  The buds on the trees are beginning to swell.  We have several cherry trees on my block that were planted by the city and they have the prettiest red branches that are getting redder by the day, and the flower buds are growing, believe it or not.  Spring usually rushes in in New York City. I wish it were a longer, more drawn out affair, but it always seems to happen the same way every year. Its cold cold cold and then one day you wake up and everything is covered with delicate green and flowers are bursting from the parks and the medians along Park Avenue.

I’ve been looking online lately planning my little city container garden. I think I’ll skip the tomatoes this year, I had terrible blight the past two years, and I may plant some flowers and stick to herbs and lettuces.  I’m ready March, lets get going!  -Marie

52 Project: 6/52

6.52.2What is this sunshine all about!?  Its still very cold and crisp outside this afternoon but the sky is pale February, washed out and the coolest of blues. The snow is still piled up on every corner from our recent spate of snow storms. Though, this Buffalo transplant scoffs at the idea of three inches of accumulation being classified as a ‘Storm’.  I know, I know, its Snow Snobbery at its worst, but its how I feel. (and its the truth!! lol)

This winter has been a stand out winter in my opinion.  Most NYC winters are mild with the occasional snow, and two or three days of really cold (below 30F) weather.  I think being so close to the Atlantic and the heat retained in the concrete tempers the weather we get.

The world was a wintry wonderland again last week. I wandered around the park for a bit and took a few pictures.     I did one panoramic picture on my iphone from the ridge where the Summerhouse is, a rustic wooden structure on a craggy hill.  I could do with a few more weeks of this beauty.


Panorama takes from the Summerhouse, looking south and west



Snow frosted elms twist over the Fifth Avenue sidewalks


WWI monument on Fifth


A man walks the snowy paths, the summerhouse in the distance.

Have a great week everyone!   -Marie

Here and There



20131210-090741.jpg     We’re having our first proper snow of the season here in New York. I was extremely tempted to call my boss (who is traveling) to ask if I could work from home today, but some of the work I have to do requires my presence in the store. Ah well! I took a few snapshots on my iPhone on the way in. If the storm drops the amount of snow that they are forecasting I will insert a few more pictures later in the day. This foolish girl didn’t bring her lunch today, so that should be an adventure!  I will just keep myself going with thoughts of a snuggly cat, some fuscia knitting and fleece jammie pants awaiting for me at home. -Marie

Snow kissed

Snow kissed

Up in the woods I’m splitting my time between toasting my toes by the fire and a marathon baking session as I watch the snow fall gently down. It seems as though we further north will be spared from the brunt on the snow accumulation this time. I love being outside, bundled up as the snow comes down, it’s so peaceful and quiet. Sometimes I think that if I listen hard enough I can almost hear the snow land. It’s deliciously dark  and fresh outside but inside is a glow with Christmas lights and comforting aromas. F


20131112-094355.jpgWe’re having our very first snow of the season here in the Big Apple. Its not a blizzard or even sticking to the concrete but it is fat, fluffy, pretty flakes. This was my view this morning while walking to the day job, looking south down Fifth Avenue.  You can make out the top of the empire state building through the falling snow just to the right of the lanterns on the Parc V & Sherry Netherland Hotels. To celebrate my favorite weather I think I may make a batch of Nigella’s Gingerbread when I get home this evening.  Tis the season, after all!


First Country Snow

My Christmas wish came early. I was hoping for a white Christmas, I can’t remember the last time I had one. I know there are still about three weeks to go, but since the past couple of days have been so warm, I was thinking there was no way I was getting my wish.

The grassy knoll took on a frosty look

Falling gently, it was more like tiny hail balls

Good job I set about chopping wood early

Then the flakes began falling

And then it started stick

and we were covered in a veil of snow

The stream is still flowing

Cutting it's way through the land

The last of the leaves cling on

Everything looks so pretty covered in the first snow

Delicate puffs of snow where flowers once were

A reminder of summer, Tiny Terror's cement mixer buried in the gravel pit

A reminder of summer, Tiny Terror's cement mixer buried in the gravel pit

A dark pool of calm in a white flurry

Winter reflections

Time to go in for some Hot Chocolate

And the snow kept coming.

At dusk

The lights are all a glow

The lights are all aglow

An eerie stillness hangs in the air

A vintage postcard

A vintage postcard

As the sun rise, glimpses of orange glow through the trees

Over the hill and through the woods

Over the hill and through the woods

Evidence of guests in the night

A hint of warmth reflected in the icy depths