52 Project: 14/52



NYC was teetering on the brink of spring, but this weekend it has tipped and become official.  People are dressing lighter and are out more. I spy more morning joggers running outside on my way in to work each day.

The daffodils and crocus were blooming in my neighborhood. The buds on the trees will be bursting any second now.  I took a little stroll in Central Park and the weather was really beautiful. Still a little overcast and broody, but the weather is certainly warmer and the spring flowers are popping up everywhere.






52 Project: 12/52


Apparently Mistress Winter isn’t quite done with us city folk yet.  The day in the above picture may look mild, but it’s quite cold! (22 degrees as I left for work this morning around 7:45 am) and there is snow in our forecast for tomorrow? Snow? I almost feel like I’m in Buffalo again. lol The good news is that if you look a little closer at those trees in the park, you may notice that they are starting to fill in a little bit as the buds begin to swell on every branch and twig. I’ll bet you that by next week’s picture you’ll see some leaves, and probably fewer winter coats. It won’t be long now.   -Marie


52 Project: 9/52

20140303-105946.jpgIt’s finally March… although looking at the picture above you might not know it.  In spite of the little bit of snow over night there are signs of spring. I’ve seen a few little spiky green crocus and daffodil shoots poking out of the dark soil in the gardens along my street.  The buds on the trees are beginning to swell.  We have several cherry trees on my block that were planted by the city and they have the prettiest red branches that are getting redder by the day, and the flower buds are growing, believe it or not.  Spring usually rushes in in New York City. I wish it were a longer, more drawn out affair, but it always seems to happen the same way every year. Its cold cold cold and then one day you wake up and everything is covered with delicate green and flowers are bursting from the parks and the medians along Park Avenue.

I’ve been looking online lately planning my little city container garden. I think I’ll skip the tomatoes this year, I had terrible blight the past two years, and I may plant some flowers and stick to herbs and lettuces.  I’m ready March, lets get going!  -Marie