Coffee Sugar

…..And why not? You’ve got vanilla and cinnamon.

Coffee sugar

We tried this two ways; The first was blending sugar with freshly ground beans. The results weren’t so great, The beans were overwhelmingly bitter and got stuck in your teeth. So on to plan B.

Coffee sugar

Blitz ½ oz of instant espresso in a food processor. We chose instant because it melts on your tongue, but still gives a good bitter kick that compliments the sugar before they blend together

Coffee sugar

Add it to 3 oz of sugar, be it white, golden, or brown

Coffee sugar

Mix together

Coffee Sugar Spoon into airtight jars.

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Toffee for Cackle Cookies

You could buy  toffee, but it’s super simple and much cheaper to make it your self. This is more than you’ll need for the Cackle Cookies, you could always cover the extra in chocolate and nuts.


Lay out a baking sheet with a silicon baking sheet on top.  The baking sheet I used measured 9 x 13 inches. You can vary this depending on what thickness you want the toffee to be.

Toffee1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp salt, 4 oz unsalted butter, 1 1/2 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water

ToffeeI always use unsalted butter, and add the salt separately. That way I can always control the amount going into the recipe

Cook this over a medium high heat

ToffeePut the sugar into a pan. I used a frying pan, but it works the same in a saucepan

ToffeeAdd in all the other ingredients and stir constantly

ToffeeYou want all the sugar and butter to have melted before the mixture begins to boil


Once it begins to bubble stop stirring and set a timer for 10 minuets

ToffeeAt 4 minutes the bubbles look foamy, almost like frothy egg whites

ToffeeAt 5 minutes, there is barely any change, keep an eye on it


ToffeeAt 6 minuets, there is a definite colour change, the middle is a shade or two darker and that’s the spot to watch

ToffeeAt 7 minutes the mixture is bubbling beautifully

ToffeeAt 8 minutes the underneath will be darker, The toffee darken my the second and the aromas get stronger and yummier

Toffee At 9 minutes, toffee perfection. It is easy to say just a few more seconds, just a few more seconds, but the toffee will keep cooking for a fraction of time once it’s off the heat. Now’s the time to get it on the baking sheet so that it can begin it’s cool down

Use this toffee in the cackle cookies


The colour  of the toffee in the photo on the right may look Perfect, But the centre is a shade darker, and underneath darker still. In the photo of it being poured, seconds later it has continued to cook and is will be burnt and bitter.

Burnt Toffee

Burnt toffee