Sur De Los Andes

Sur de los torrentes

Vineyard; Sur De Los Andes

Region; Mendoza

Country; Argentina

Vintage; 2007

Producer; Sur De Los Andes

Importer; Mediterranean wine co, Dover, NJ

Alcohol; 13.7%

Price; $9.99


Palest apple white with a hint of gold, Clear and bright. That may not sound incredible, but it’s made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.


This wine has a phenomenal nose, full of warm apples and fresh wet earth that waft their way out of the glass. Delicate floral accents are hidden in there too.


Beautifully balanced, the acidity hits mid palate. Flavours of pineapple, apple begin the taste onslaught.  Hints of dried fruit and smokey earthy undertones develop in a complex and lingering aftertaste, with a depth of flavour and minerality that resonate on the tongue and cheeks.


From fish to grilled meat and hearty stews, this would be fabulous with just about anything.

Florrie‘s footnote

I’m not a fan of Argentinian wines and was a little sceptical about this on. But hand down, unequivocally this is the best wine that I have had in a long time. I’m completely fascinated by the fact it’s a whit cabernet sauvignon, who knew. This has made it as one of may favourites and will be buying a case of it. Especially at this price point, a great hostess gift, or prefect for popping open for any occassion