The Last Hurrah


There isn’t much growing time left for this poor little guy. On the heels of a humid and hot summer, cold October days have rushed into NYC. The nights have been so cold that I had to break out the down comforter last night. My windows, that have been open all summer are closed and the big radiator in my living room hums and clicks now, putting out an aura of warm.   

A cold persistent rain has hovered over the city for a few days now, making me want to start cooking again. I rushed home from work tonight and immediately put on my new fleece slippers, my comfy pants and snuggled in to the coziness of my apartment. I’ve been thinking about cooking things like pot roast, chicken and dumplings and baking bread again. I barely cook during the summer because I can’t bear the heat! But,  MMMMMmmmmmmm Bread.

But until I have some free time to get-ta-cookin, I have this friendly little fading reminder of summer. In about a week I’ll have the last of my little tomatoes, and summer will officially be over.