52 Project: 43/52


I had a super fun weekend up at the Croakery helping Florrie host a Halloween party for a pack of wild 2-7 year olds. It was so much fun, with games, and food, and kids tearing around the garden. I got to spend some quality time rambling about the woods, getting my fill of country air and autumn woods.  Florrie inspired me to purchase some Blue Sky Alpacas Extra, and I started swatching for a new hat pattern. It is completely and utterly the most luscious thing to knit with. 55% Baby Alpaca/45% Fine Merino. Soft, springy, cloud-like, and it knits up so fast!

Back in the city this Monday our corner is finally catching up to Florrie’s little mountain and the colors are showing, the leaves have begun to fall. There’s a new art installation going in, some massive bronze sculptures. Once the fence comes down I’ll share a few pictures.  Have a great week! -Marie

52 Project: 37&38/52




So, it finally happened. I missed a picture!  I took last week off from work, and I went upstate to the Croakery to visit Florrie for a few days. Between travel, and knitting, and cooking, and drinking and fun my picture taking was quickly forgotten.  I did take a picture in a park near Florrie’s little house in the woods, though, 🙂 so that will be my stand in picture for last week.

This Monday in the city is a little bit grey, a little bit cool, a little bit breezy. The reason that they covered up our friends General Sherman and Victory is that they are renovating Grand Army Plaza. They’ve been ripping the whole thing up with jackhammers and bulldozers for a couple of weeks now. According to the sign it should be quite pretty once they’re done.

I hope you all have a great week!


52 Project: 36/52

IMG_5171.JPGIt’s kind of hard to believe that we’re already 36 weeks into this project. That leaves only 16 weeks left! Today was kind of gorgeous. Warm, clear, with a nice cool breeze.

The weekend was a brutal hell of high temperatures and masses of humidity rolling through. It was so humid that I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath. So humid that I would be standing still, and sweat would be rolling down my back. I had a perpetually shiny forehead, even more shiny that normal. Good thing I never wear full-on makeup, it would have slid instantly down my face and into my lap. I knew summer would get me at least once. I’m glad it was just that once! I’ve used my air conditioner more in September than I had the whole of the summer.

I had grand intentions of getting heaps of knitting done last weekend. That didn’t happen. LOL But as autumn rolls on I will.  Have a great week!



52 Project: 32/52

20140812-132127-48087879.jpgAugust is weirding me out a little bit.  I keep looking over my shoulder expecting the heat wave to strike at any moment, but so far August has been strangely quiet.  There have been hot and humid days, but nothing extreme, and the evenings have been cool.  I’ve only used my air conditioner about 3 or 4 times this summer. Weird! Right?!  Let me not jinx it.  This morning was cool, we have a weather system coming through today. It’s supposed to be rainy all afternoon. We could use the rain.

I knit a simple fall cowl over the weekend, I’ll post the pattern soon. It’s very simple so it will probably be free.  I used Brooklyn Tweed Shelter wool. I like it, it has structure and nice body, and after you block it it softens up really nicely. I’ll post pictures soon. Hope you all have a great week. -Marie


52 Project: 28/52

20140715-112241-40961554.jpgUgh. So it’s finally happened.  Its so humid in the city that I can barely breathe.  The subway stations are like underground broilers. I’m a sweaty, sticky, cranky mess. 😦

But on the upside, last night Florrie and I went to Madison Square Garden and saw Bruno Mars and Pharrell on the Moonshine Jungle Tour.  It was amazing, and I usually hate concerts. lol  Bruno has an amazing voice, his pitch is incredible, and when he sings live its just like listening to a recording, he’s that good. But he also makes each song different when he performs them live, exciting and new.


His band is just as talented, I love their synchronized dancing while they play.  It’s so so so good.  If you ever get the chance, see him live. You won’t regret it, he is a vibrant, talented and fun performer and the show was worth every penny! Check out our Instagram for some video evidence. 🙂

Stay cool!  -Marie


52 Project: 27/52







I hope everyone had a fun and happy July fourth weekend. Mine was fun and productive!  I have a new free crochet pattern that I will release in a day or two (see Instagram for a preview).

I waited till my lunch break again this week to take my photo of our corner of the park.  It was brimming with tourists, lunchtime walkers, food carts and vendors.  The man on the bike was a happy surprise, I decided to use that picture because I thought it was very NYC of him, zooming in front of me like that.

I walked around a bit and snapped a few extra photos as well.  Just to the left of our corner there is a sculpture installation that changes every few months. If I had been thinking ahead I would have scootched down the block a bit so it could be seen in every photo. Oh well. 🙂  Lady Victory was all shiny and golden in the noontime sun.  The horse drawn carriages were all lined up.  The Pulitzer Fountain was a cool oasis, that’s Pomona on top, pouring out her abundant water to cool off the locals.  The view down Fifth Avenue (looking downtown) shows the hazy humidity of this particular Monday. It’s a bit hot and sticky today.  I hope you all have a great week! -Marie