52 Project: 36/52

IMG_5171.JPGIt’s kind of hard to believe that we’re already 36 weeks into this project. That leaves only 16 weeks left! Today was kind of gorgeous. Warm, clear, with a nice cool breeze.

The weekend was a brutal hell of high temperatures and masses of humidity rolling through. It was so humid that I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath. So humid that I would be standing still, and sweat would be rolling down my back. I had a perpetually shiny forehead, even more shiny that normal. Good thing I never wear full-on makeup, it would have slid instantly down my face and into my lap. I knew summer would get me at least once. I’m glad it was just that once! I’ve used my air conditioner more in September than I had the whole of the summer.

I had grand intentions of getting heaps of knitting done last weekend. That didn’t happen. LOL But as autumn rolls on I will.  Have a great week!