52 Project: 4/52


Another quiet Monday in mid-town.  The temperatures are nearly 40 again, but we’re supposed to plummet back down into the single digits by tonight. Today’s photo gives us the vestiges of our snow storm last Tuesday. We ended up with nearly a foot of snow, but it was so cold out that it was the super light fluffy stuff. You could have cleaned your car off with a feather duster it was so light and non-stick.  I thought it was unfortunate last week that my picture day is Monday, because Tuesday’s picture was far superior. I snapped a picture around noontime, after the snow had started, but before any major accumulation had happened.


Isn’t that a more interesting picture? Ah well. I guess my 52 project will just have to have 53 pictures. lol  I’m sure no one will mind. Don’t those trees remind you of the impressionist paintings of New York? The one that comes to mind for me is Childe Hassam’s Late Afternoon, New York, winter.

I know a lot of people have a moan about winter,  but I really love it.  I love the bracing cold, and the grey skies. I love being out in the crisp air, and then coming home to my warm house and a hot coffee. I love snuggling on the couch with my knitting spread out around me like a woolly nest.  Its all quite nice in my book.  I hope your Monday is wonderful, whatever your weather!

52 Project and a Foggy Morning


Hello General Sherman!

This morning I realized that I was behind schedule on my 52 photo project. The idea is that you find a spot, and take one picture a week from that exact same spot for an entire year and at the end you have a wonderful little collection of pictures that show the seasons, the people and the city change.  Since this is the first Monday in January this will be my starting date. I will take a picture every Monday at the corner of 60th Street and Fifth avenue, looking north along the edge of Central Park. I thought this would be a good spot because you get a great view of the trees, which is helpful in pictures of the city because otherwise it can be hard to tell what the season is, lol.So without further ado, here is picture 1/52:

20140106-094339.jpgAs I took the picture for my project, the pond in the park caught my eye. A lovely thick mist was hanging in the trees over it and I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to take a few more pictures.  It would mean being 10 minutes late for work, but no one would notice and the pictures I got made it so worth it!  It was magical. There was no one else around but for a lone person walking through the fog.  It was perfection. I adore a foggy drizzly day, they’re like a poem in the prose of the everyday. OK, now I’m getting carried away. 🙂

Look at this loveliness!




20140106-094512.jpgGorgeous! I was so tempted to skive off work and keep walking and taking pictures. But Monday is a super busy day for me so I hustled back around the corner to work. I hope your day has a little bit of magic and beauty in it too!

– Marie

Wednesday Morning

snowyshermanI thought General Sherman looked fetching with his dusting of snow this morning and I thought I’d share.  I few years ago I took a picture every week of a particular corner downtown (Bleecker and Mercer), and it was really fun to watch the seasons change. I think I may pick up the project again in 2014 now that I’m working in midtown instead of SoHo.  I have two weeks to pick my spot so I will start scouting around. Maybe I’ll incorporate this charming corner of Central Park. -Marie

Haiku Diary

Towards the end of almost every year I think  to myself ‘next year i will keep a diary of some sort.’  I have tried the traditional approach; which I found too tedious, The daily documentation of my outfit; I kept forgetting. In my stocking last Christmas I received a gorgeous set of moleskine notebooks and was inspired to try again.

Each month is a different colour

And they are numbered

I needed something that was short and sweet, An Haiku, surely even I can commit to summing up my day in 17 syllables. Wish me luck.